NBA Sets Replacement Rules Amid COVID-19 Outbreak


Mary Altaffer

The NBA has postponed 5 upcoming games so far, due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Abby Homrock, Sports & News Editor

    With COVID-19 cases suddenly sparking in the NBA, the league implemented new replacement rules, meaning that teams will now be allowed to sign one replacement player for every two team members that test positive. This uptick in COVID cases has been a problem for the NBA, as teams cannot seem to keep up with the positive test results spreading among the league. 

     These new rules come into action on Jan. 19, meaning that teams will have a significantly easier time signing new players. Per The Athletic, “the memo informed teams that they will now be required to sign one replacement player when they have two positive tests on the roster; two replacement signings required for three positive tests; and three replacement players for four or more positive tests. If a team is able to muster 13 healthy bodies despite positive results on the roster, it will be able to decide whether to sign the eligible number of replacement players.”

    So far, the NBA has been required to postpone five games in total due to the large spike in COVID cases in specific teams. These teams include but are not limited to, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, and Philadelphia 76ers organizations. 

    A large number of NBA players have recently tested positive as the virus worked its way through the NBA. An entire list of players in health and safety protocols can be found here. The NBA is not the only professional sports league to feel the effects of COVID right now, as the NFL and NHL are having outbreaks of their own. With these new replacement rules in effect, it will allow the NBA to navigate the pandemic more efficiently and effectively.