PDA in the time of COVID

PDA in the time of COVID

Matthew Mills, Staff Writter

BRUH! Seriously? Some of the couples at this school are getting out of hand. I can understand holding hands but making out in class and hallways and causing traffic is just too much. There’s a reason they got rid of the “Make Out Lockers.” They got rid of them because they didn’t want to see that, nobody does! It has gotten to the point where some of them will block hallways and hold up traffic just to talk and do things we don’t want to see. I have heard horror stories from people about things that shouldn’t even be happening in school, let alone in public.

I feel like I can speak for a lot of people by saying I don’t have a problem with you being in a relationship, but don’t block traffic and don’t start making out in the middle of the hallway or outside so every staff member and student can see it.

“I think they shouldn’t be fornicating in the hallways. It’s nasty,” Mike Hawm said. (The person’s real name has been changed to protect their identity.)

The PDA isn’t just limited to inside the school but even outside during lunch.

“I’m just trying to eat my lunch and I have to deal with some couple making out behind me and I just lose my appetite,” Gary McCorkle said. (The person’s real name has been changed to protect their identity.)

This isn’t a new thing. It’s been going on for who knows how long.

A few years ago they had these sets of lockers near Mr. Kachadorian’s classroom and people would go and do what couples do. They ended up getting rid of the lockers a few years ago, thankfully.

“I’ve been in relationships before and I would like a hug before leaving school, like a quick hug and done, but people that act like they’re going off to war before they leave school when waiting for the buses acting like they’re getting sent off Vietnam,” Kanye East said. (The person’s real name has been changed to protect their identity.)

Not only is it uncomfortable for everybody, but it’s also not the safest thing with COVID. When you take off your mask in the school and do the things that these couples do, you potentially expose yourself to COVID. Like Mr. Yates preaches every day: “OVER THE NOSE AND MOUTH!”