5 Guys On Valentine’s Day



A guy’s perspective of Valentine’s Day.

Five guys sitting in newspaper class just chilling. The teacher then asks us to write a story about Valentine’s Day from a guy’s perspective. Coming from a guy, unless you have a partner, Valentine’s Day isn’t really that important to us.  

I usually just play it like it’s a normal day. It’s just another day. It is usually girls that stress over Valentine’s Day and go overboard. For guys, we don’t stress at all, most of the time we don’t really care. Unless you have a crush or a partner, guys don’t feel the same pressure that girls do on Valentine’s Day. On February 14th most guys aren’t thinking about Valentine’s Day at all.   

But if a girl does get us something out of nowhere, most guys would be ecstatic because not a lot of guys get something like that.

If the guy in question is smart and plays all of his cards right, Valentine’s Day is an easy excuse to have a very special day. With the large societal pressure and advisements for flowers, lights, roses and stuffed animals, social media nearly demands that you get a gift for your significant other.

We asked four guys for their opinions about Valentine’s Day. Here is what they had to say.

“The ideal Valentine’s Day would be early morning on my phone contemplating which girl to give my attention to.”  This person would like to remain anonymous to protect their identity.

“Even if I have a girl, I’m not getting anything because I feel like you shouldn’t have to buy material things one day of the year,” Elijah Lee says. “Why one day of the year should I show you my love, when I have all year to?”

Many men feel pressured to get something even if they do not have a partner.

“I don’t think it’s fair for females to assume that we have to get something. It happened to me I was talking to this girl and she got mad and ghosted me when I didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day.” Gustavo Rocque said. To protect the identity of this person they have been given a fake name.

On the other side of the spectrum coming from men who are currently in a relationship and looking forward to Valentine’s Day, it’s a completely different way of thinking.

“I don’t plan,” Edrean Oviedeo says. “I let [everything happen] naturally. I’m gonna get a gift but the rest comes naturally.”

“She is expecting a gift even if you’re dating. It’s not a given. They still wanna be asked,” Julio Hermendez says. The person would like to stay under a fake name to keep their identity safe.

So whether you have a partner or not, still enjoy your Valentine’s Day. It’s not only about love. You should show your friends and family that you appreciate them.