Encouraging players to lie about COVID-19 Status


Mel Pearson coaching his team during a timeout against Boston College

Matthew Mills, Staff Writer

University of Michigan’s college hockey program has multiple allegations against them. Investigators are looking into a case where hockey coach Mel Pearson is encouraging players to lie about their COVID-19 tracing forms during last year’s NCAA Tournament. Michigan was supposed to play in last spring’s NCAA Tournament but after COVID tests came back positive and tracing protocols ultimately determined that Michigan would not meet the required players to compete. At the same time, rumors were going around saying Pearson allowed the roommate of the player to come along on the trip. This roommate later developed symptoms of COVID-19 while the entire team was in close quarters with each other.

In an interview with the Michigan daily Pearson says 

“The truth will come true at the end of the investigation. And I feel very confident that the allegations will be proved wrong.” The investigation into the hockey program first was reported over the weekend by MLive, and Pearson addressed his team during its weekend series against Wisconsin, he told the Michigan Daily. In Pearson’s interview, he expresses that he is not afraid of losing his job. 

“I do not believe my job is on the line at this point,” he told the Michigan Daily. This investigation includes multiple workplace misconducts and violations of COVID-19 protocols. Pearsons said his decision to play was not his and the decision of the universities medical staff. Before their games in late December Pearson emailed the Michigan sports administrator saying, “I highly recommend we consider the cancellation of our upcoming games versus Michigan Technological University and Western Michigan University,” Pearson seems to be handling the investigation very well and expresses that most of the allegations are false and not his fault.