Piercings 101


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Zoe Kravitz is among celebrities embracing face and ear piercings.

Kaelyn Taylor, Staff Writer

   People get piercings for many reasons, a type of self-expression most likely. The first set of piercings I got was when I was 6 months old. Obviously, it was not my decision, but my mother’s. The piercings she got me were ear lobe piercings because they do them on infants and children. I wouldn’t consider the piercing dangerous, but every piercing comes with risks such as infection, allergic reaction to the type of metal and having skin close over the piercing.

   I’ve had my earlobes pierced for over 15 years and I’ve gone a full year without putting earrings in my ears and the hole hasn’t closed, which is why this is a highly recommended piercing.

   The next piercing is a helix. I have 4 helix piercings, 2 on each ear. I first got my helix done in 6th grade at a Piercing Pagoda. This lovely piercing shop’s advice was to twist the piercings and to use peroxide on them, and boy were they wrong. Their poor advice resulted in all 4 piercings getting infected badly and scarring horribly. Since then, I have gotten them redone and all 4 are healthy.

   I strongly advise that before you get any piercing please, please, please, do your research.

   Another type of piercing is an eyebrow piercing. This one is by far one of the least painful piercings I’ve ever had done. I’d say my nose and helix both hurt way more than my eyebrow piercing, but I think it was a bit more painful than my earlobes. For all of these piercings, I definitely recommend getting them professionally done along with any that aren’t on this list. Please do your research on ANY piercing you get. If you plan on getting a piercing please go to a tattoo parlor that also has an experienced piercer and look at pictures on their website to make sure they are accurate and sanitary.

   The last piercing I want to talk about is a nose piercing. I did mine myself with a safety pin, and I DO NOT recommend doing this piercing yourself. Nose piercings, despite being cute and fashionable, can be dangerous just like every other piercing you can get done. If pierced wrong it can lead to a septal hematoma, which is when a pocket of blood gathers in the area of the piercing. This can lead to a bad infection. I did end up getting an infection, but I took care of it before it got serious.

ear piercing anatomy diagram picture

   Ear Lobe Piercing The ear lobe piercing is one of the most common piercings to get. People commonly get this piercing because of the placement. This piercing is located at the very bottom of the ear lobe. Ear lobes are made up of strict cartilage, which means this piercing should not hurt nearly as badly as other piercings.

   Helix The helix piercing is often forgotten because of its placement. The helix is located on the top curve of the ear. This piercing is a bit higher on the pain scale than the ear lobe. When piercing this part of the ear, you have to be a bit careful because it might bleed, unlike the ear lobe piercing.

   Nose Nose piercings are great for your first facial piercing. Nose piercings hurt less than helix piercings but more than ear lobe piercings. This piercing is usually located on the nostril. I suggest this piercing for people who want to start a journey of facial piercings. The downfall of facial piercings is that they don’t look good on certain face shapes or nose shapes. I still very much recommend them for everyone.