A Look Into the Environmental Club

Emma Heyse, Staff Writer

   After almost a year and a half of having meetings held over Zoom, the Environmental Club can now get back to having in person meetings again. 

   The Environmental Club meets every first and third Wednesday of the month to create awareness on environmental issues and to take up environmental activities and projects such as planting trees and picking up trash. In total, the club has 17 members, which is an increase from the club’s 10 members last year. The club is always open to having new members since it would help to make projects like cleaning and maintaining the courtyards easier. 

   The club has been sponsored by math teacher Robert Hyman for the past eight years. One of the reasons that he enjoys sponsoring the club is because “the students who get involved always seem to want to find good projects to work on.” He also said that being in person again has been “fantastic,” and that it makes collaborating on projects and spreading the word about the club easier. 

   The club’s president, junior Ella Antonishek, has been a part of the club for the past three years and “took charge while the club was virtual and became the club’s president.” She also said that meeting in person again has been “more rewarding” because it has made it “easier to connect with people and [they] get to do more hands-on projects.”

   The club has been working alongside the school’s horticulture teacher Lori Mayhew to develop a plan to improve the condition of the school’s smaller courtyard adjacent to the media center. The project is set to begin in early April and is expected to be managed by the club for the rest of the year.