Spring Sports Preview

Josh Ehret, Staff Writer

Everyone is looking forward to spring sports because most of them are outside and everyone is putting the winter months behind them. Here is a breakdown of what’s coming up. Make sure to check out these exuberant competitions.


Varsity Baseball
Coach: Greg Blake, Scott Frye
“I look forward to having fun and making memories with teammates,” Junior Steele Lechner said.


JV Baseball
Coach: Josh Molnar
“I look forward to working hard this season and playing baseball,” said freshman Toben Gruner.


Track and Field
Coach: Elrid Cason, Sarge
Sophomore Alexandros Murshed said, “I prepared by running short sprints and I look forward to having fun with my team.”


Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Coach: Kyle Tielking
Junior Tyler Mirani looks forward to playing lacrosse and just having fun during his 11th grade lacrosse season.


JV Boys Lacrosse
Coach: Mark Monninger
Sophomore Vincent Hess said, “I prepared by playing lacrosse with friends and look forward to playing games.”


Co-Ed Volleyball
Coach: Taryn Dennison-McCabe
Freshman Brian Hughes said he “prepared by training my forearms at home along with a lot of visual demonstration of volleyball, from YouTube and the web.” Hughes looks forward to making friends this volleyball season.


Boys Volleyball

Coach: Rebecca Ronquillo




Varsity Softball
Coach: Lindsay Burns

Sophomore Falyn Quick said that she’s “looking forward to playing with this team and playing with my close friends and getting better.”


JV Softball
Coach: Lindsay Seal
Carrie Gottsman, sophomore said that she “prepared by getting a lot of sleeping and looks forward to growing as a team.”


Girls Varsity Lacrosse
Coach: Eilish Hagan

Lindsey Witmer said she looks forward to game days and one thing she did to prepare was staying well rested and hydrated.


Boys Tennis
Coach: John Bonfils
James Botti, Junior said “he prepares by working hard at practice every day.” Botti also looks forward to team dinners and game days.


Girls Tennis
Coach: Michael Samuels
Junior Alex Zeppos said, “I prepared by staying healthy in the off season and looks forward to playing games.”


Allied Softball
Coach: Rebecca McGaffin
Senior Joey Hesseloff said one thing that he looks forward to is having a lot of spectators and he prepared by playing volleyball outside of school.