Theaters Reopening After 2-Year Lockdown


ABC News

Movie theater staff disinfecting theaters between screenings.

Matthew Mills, Staff Writer

   Returning to movie theaters post-COVID is one of the most refreshing things coming out of the lockdown. At the beginning of COVID two years ago movie theaters were empty. Having a bunch of people in close proximity to each other in a closed room was not the best idea during COVID. This hurt a lot of movie fanatics who were looking forward to seeing movies like “House of Gucci” and “Venom Let There Be Carnage.” That didn’t stop me and my friends from seeing Venom. When we went it was completely empty.

   Now, I’m not complaining that we got the theater to ourselves but it was kind of sad that the movie theater culture completely died. When a big movie comes out like “Spider-Man No Way Home” or “The Batman,” hardcore movie fans will do almost anything to get tickets before it sells out. Before quarantine that’s how it would be. But since the lockdown hit most people would stay home and save themselves the risk of going during the pandemic. As a result, stocks plummeted and companies like AMC and Regal lost millions. Once movie theater doors opened again, tickets will begin the sell out fast again. This really put into emphasis that movie fans were craving to get back into theaters to see big movies again.

   After the mask mandate was lifted in Montgomery County the movie theater industry made a little push back. Movie theaters began to reopen and fans starved for their movies. AMC stocks have skyrocketed. With the release of “The Batman” theaters have seen a massive spike in sales and moviegoers visiting theaters.

   Other theater companies like AMC and Regal say they have also seen success during 2022.

   Things are looking up. Regal says they expect to see great success in this quarter. Theaters are taking extra precautions to keep moviegoers safe. AMC says after every screening each theater will be cleaned and disinfected by hand including seats, cupholders and rails.

   After going through an incredibly tough time for theaters during COVID it looks like they will be making a return and in full swing in no time.