Shooting in Brooklyn Subway Station Injures 16


The Guardian

Chaos in the Brooklyn area of the shooting after the first responders had arrived.

Sophia Cooper, Staff Writer

   On April 12, an unidentified individual open fired in a subway station located in Brooklyn, NY injuring 16 civilians. The unnamed victims were transported to a hospital nearby. 

   Emergency services responded to a call at about 8:30 am ET about smoke coming from the subway station. Upon arrival, first responders found 13 people with gunshot wounds and several undetonated devices. The NYPD Tweeted that they will be conducting an investigation and to avoid the area. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, the company which operates the subways, has said it will also investigate.  

   The D, N and R train lines were shut down temporarily due to the investigation. The subway station Tweeted to expect major delays on B/D/F and N/Q/R  trains. The Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives otherwise known as the ATF has publicly commented saying that it is assisting the NYPD with its investigation. No active explosive devices were found at the time of the shooting. The shooting took place at the 36th Street subway station. Nearby schools sheltered in place for the safety of their students.

   President Biden was briefed on the situation, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. In addition, the U.S. Attorney General, Homeland Security Secretary, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and the Mayor were all briefed. New York Congressman Rep. Nadler Tweeted his support for the victims and first responders, “I am horrified by the attack in Brooklyn. I am closely monitoring the situation and am in communication with the FBI. My thoughts are with the victims and first responders.”