It Really Is THAT Smoothie Place


That Smoothie Place via Facebook

Signs up at That Smoothie Place, which will open in the Safeway shopping center this summer.

Annie Ryan, Entertainment Editor

   As many know, the town of Damascus is practically famous for its numerous numbers of auto shops. But finally, some of our wishes have come true! On March 30, That Smoothie Place announced on their Facebook page that they will be opening a storefront in town, located in the Safeway shopping center.  

   That Smoothie Place was previously a food truck that would park at various places such as the Weis parking lot and Pleasant Valley Produce (Laytonsville) before COVID-19 hit in 2019. 

   As an avid That Smoothie Place truck goer, I can share many things that I really enjoy about this small business. For example, all of their smoothies are named after classic rockers such as John Lennon, Van Halen and Axl Rose. 

   My personal go-to for these smoothies is the “Ozzy.” The “Ozzy” is a mix of strawberries, bananas and orange juice. I am extremely excited to try more of these rockstar smoothies when they open their storefront in town. I feel like I would really enjoy the “Ringo Starr,” which consists of strawberry, pineapple, mango and orange juice as well as the “Marley” that is made with apple, pineapple, orange juice, and lemonade. According to their Facebook page, they also plan to offer smoothie bowls, cold press juices, salads and more. 

   That Smoothie Place will be looking to employ people with disabilities when they open in July/August.