Grant Wahl’s Wrongful Death?


Shortly before he collapsed, journalist Grant Wahl posted a picture of himself being denied entry into a stadium in Qatar for wearing a shirt in support of the LGTBQ+ community.

Serenity Smith, Staff Writer

   Forty-one-year-old American writer Grant Wahl died in Qatar after collapsing while covering the Argentina-Netherlands match at the World Cup.

   Qatar’s World Cup organizers said that Wahl “felt ill” according to CNN. After collapsing, they say he got “immediate medical treatment on site.” He was treated in the stadium for about “20-25” minutes before he was moved to hospital Kelr Radnedge, a columnist at World Soccer Magazine told CNN. 

   “This was towards the end of extra time in the match. Suddenly, colleagues up to my left started shouting for medical assistance,” Radnedge said. “Obviously, someone had collapsed. Because the chairs are freestanding, people were able to move the chairs, so it’s possible to create a little bit of space around him.”

   Wahl tried entering the game wearing an LGBTQ+ shirt. The shirt hd a picture of a soccer ball with a rainbow surrounding it in support of his gay brother, Eric Wahl. Qatar’s World Cup organizers initially refused to let him enter with while wearing the shirt because “same-sex relations are illegal.” Wahl revealed he had gained entry after being detained for almost 30 minutes and wore a jacket over the shirt. Because of that, lots of fans including his family had suspicions of wrongful death, but have now confirmed that he and his family don’t believe the death was “foul play.” 

   Wahl’s body has been returned to the U.S. The family is awaiting results from an autopsy to learn the cause of death.