Amar’e Strike-a-minor

Amare Stoudemires mugshot from Sunday morning.

Anna Lazarus Caplan

Amar’e Stoudemire’s mugshot from Sunday morning.

Chase Carty, Staff Writer

   When hearing the name “Amar’e Stoudemire” most NBA fans recall a six-foot-ten monster who was bound to notch 25 and 10 back when battleship-sized basketball shorts were in style. He did this in goggles with plexiglass lenses alongside that shaggy haired Canadian who now coaches the Brooklyn Nets.

   The last time Stoudemire received media attention was when he recorded eight points and four rebounds per game in Allen Iverson’s Big 3 league in 2019. In 2017 he was under fire for making homophobic remarks when asked what he’d do if  he had a gay teammate. Stoudemire has since then apologized, and over the last two years hasn’t attracted any major attention. However, over the last 36 hours he’s made national headlines for something that could critically damage his reputation even further.

   Early Sunday morning, Stoudemire was arrested for allegedly punching one of his teenage daughters while they were visiting him at his home in Florida. Stoudemire has four kids, two of whom are girls aged 14 and 17. The police report does not specify which of his daughters he assaulted, but it was claimed by Stoudemire himself that “she was sad because she received a whooping for being disrespectful and a liar.”

   This disrespect and lack of honesty is in reference to an argument in which he accused his daughter of being disrespectful to his mother, the girls’ grandmother, over the phone. Stoudemire’s daughter denied being disrespectful, so he took this as “talking back” and allegedly proceeded to punch her in the jaw, causing bleeding. No injuries had been confirmed as of Dec. 19. Stoudemire refused to comment after that. Shortly after elaborating on his side of the story, he invoked his right to remain silent. 

   After going through court records, no defense attorney for Stoudemire has been listed. However, a statement regarding the incident was posted on his Instagram account (@amareisreal) at roughly 6 yesterday evening. In the statement he remarks that he is of Jewish faith, and proceeds to describe how his family is currently celebrating Hanukkah while recognizing what Jewish people have faced throughout history.

   Stoudemire quoted notorious rabbi Hillel, claiming he’s a firm believer that “whatever is hateful to you, do not do to others.” Perhaps he’s trying to relay that he would not want anyone to put their hands on him, so he would not hit anyone himself.  Stoudemire denied the accusations and claims that his “daughter’s condition is not the result of being assaulted by a father who is nearly 7 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds.” He also said that he could never see himself assaulting anyone, let alone his children. 

   Stoudemire was released on a $1,500 bond late Sunday night, although the situation is currently developing.