New Year’s Resolutions?


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New Year, New me!

Emalie Jaramillo, Staff Writer, Entertainment Editor

   Are New Year’s resolutions a stupid tradition? It’s an often debated topic.

   Every year, I make at least 3 New Year’s resolutions and try to stick to at least one. In reality, I feel as though New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time for most people.

   Let’s start with one of the most common resolutions: going to the gym to get more fit. Everyone has heard at least one person at the beginning of the year say that’s their number one resolution however, very few stick to their plans.

   Typically, they will go to the gym for the first week of January to “start their new year off right.”

   The top 10 resolutions of 2023 are to exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, save more money, spend more time with family and friends, try to be a happier person, learn a new skill, stop eating fast food and spend less time on social media.

   A lot of people will say these are their resolutions but will make excuses when it’s time to actually embark on their new goals.