Ridge Road Construction


Brady Reese

A view from Ridge Road showing the extent of the construction.

Brady Reese, Staff Writer

    Have you ever been trying to get somewhere in a hurry and you suddenly run into traffic wondering what is going on? You later realize that there is construction work going on and you start to become extremely annoyed. That situation is currently happening on Ridge Road across from our school and the elementary school

   As a junior, I have the privilege to go outside of the school to eat lunch every day. It is something that I get to enjoy and was unable to do for the past two years of high school. For many students it becomes the quick and easy way to grab some food. Quick is the keyword. Having open lunch is something that can be very reliable and can get you back in time for school, that is until the construction started to happen. 

   Although it may only be up to a five minute wait, these are five minutes that many students need. Many of us have been affected by this conflict and there have been multiple complaints about the roadblock. This problem unfortunately is one that cannot be fixed, but is something that can be adjusted in a way that helps students that are leaving the campus for lunch to give them easier accessibility to the town’s food and shopping center. 

   “I actually do not drive through the construction because it takes too long to get to Chipotle or anywhere in that vicinity,” junior Aidan Brant said. “My friends and I get on Bethesda Church Road and go the other way so we don’t have to experience the slow traffic.”

   The traffic is not just having a negative effect on us. It is affecting anyone driving through town. Whether it is someone new to town or someone who is very familiar, the bottleneck created by the construction is an unwanted conflict within the community.