3 Attempted Murders in Mount Airy

Natalia Garcia, Features Editor

     On the early Monday morning of Feb. 20 three 19-year-old males were stabbed by a 17-year-old male from Olney. The perpetrator escaped and was found later by Frederick County deputies. The suspect attends a Montgomery County Public School and is being charged with multiple counts of first and second degree murders along with reckless endangerment. 

     Many sources have said that Carroll County will charge the suspect as an adult. Of the three males, one was taken to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center and two others were taken to local area hospitals. It is speculated that the stabbing took place during a high school party. In addition, the people who called 911 to report the stabbing at a party were witnesses. 

     The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation and immediately transferred the young man from Frederick County to Carroll County custody. Police cannot publicly identify him because he is a minor. The court date has not been announced yet, since investigators are still working to find out all of the details that come from an investigation. Anyone with information about the stabbing is asked to please contact Detective Jason Ehrhart at 410-386-2499 or at [email protected]