Whoop Whoop! Prom’s almost here!



Anyone who buys a dress to wear to prom posts a picture of it in the DHS prom dresses Facebook group page so everyone has different dresses.

Emalie Jaramillo, Entertainment Editor and Staff Writer

   Prom is a big deal for upperclassmen who get to go to Prom in May. Hundreds of dollars are spent months in advance prepping for the special day. Although Prom is for upperclassmen, anyone who wishes to attend the dance is allowed to with a signed permission slip and a date. 

   Students spend money on dresses, tuxedos, hair, makeup, nails, boutonnières, corsages, transportation, shoes and the tickets themselves. So much money and time goes into one day. 

   Prom is on a Friday every year. School only requires students to come for the first three periods of the day. There are forms that are handed out weeks prior to excuse the absences of the students missing  classes. 

   Unlike Homecoming, the dance is not held at school. Since Prom is more formal than Homecoming, typically pictures are hosted at a golf course then the dance is at the Marriott Bonvoy Hotel in Gaithersburg. 

   Tickets for Prom are sold during lunch in the rotunda almost every year. Tickets go for $100 or more, depending on the year. 

   Every year a private Facebook group is made for the girls posting their dresses, to make sure that everyone’s dresses are unique and there are no duplicates. Prom dresses are super interesting and fun to look at.