Rebirth of a Legend

Everyone’s favourite giant turtle has returned, this time in his first animated incarnation.


Kadokawa/Gamera Rebirth Production Committee.

The official poster for the new kaiju (Japanese monster) anime, Gamera Rebirth.

Ishan Pahwa, Staff Writer

   On Mar. 25, Kadokawa revealed new information regarding its later production, the upcoming anime known as “Gamera -Rebirth” during their stage event at AnimeJapan. 

    Kadokawa unveiled a new visual for the anime on Mar. 23 and revealed a separate visual of the silhouette of Jiger, an enemy to Gamera since its original appeared in the 1970 film “Gamera vs Jiger,” with the anime being the first new appearance for it since the ’70s, according to AnimeNewsNetwork.

   As in any kaiju-Japanese monster film, there are both monster and human characters. The latter include Mamoru Miyano as Tazaki, a descendent of Japanese individuals who immigrated to the United States of America, and Saori Hayami as Emiko, an assistant to Tazaki. In addition, Japanese rock band WANIMA is performing the ending music for the six-episode anime. The name of the song has not been unveiled by Kadokawa. 

   The series will feature six episodes whose primary focus will be on the titular character Gamera, a giant, fire-breathing turtle monster who first appeared in the 1965 film “Daikaiju Gamera” (Gamera, the Giant Monster), fighting five individual kaiju from the Gamera series.

   In addition to Jiger, the series will feature Gyaos as another contender. Despite his inherent size, physical prowess and overall power, Gamera has become a protector of humanity, fighting battles against numerous kaiju throughout the Gamera franchise in order to prevent them from exterminating the human race. Curiously, the giant turtle has taken a liking to children, even sacrificing his life to protect their very existence. As a result, he has assumed the unofficial title of “Friend to all Children.”