The Dark Turn of Winnie The Pooh!


Mouths Of Mums

Winnie The Pooh from the cartoon compared to the nightmarish, horrific movie.

Hanna Haddad, Staff Writer

   As we all know, “Winnie The Pooh” is a sweet children’s tale about a bear and his friends. There have been books, movies and toys related to the lovable character as well. People have loved this tale since childhood and will continue to do so, unless that is…for the new movie for this franchise that came out two weeks ago.

   People were angry, unsatisfied and displeased with what they were given. It’s almost as if they didn’t want this creation to even exist in the first place.

    Unfortunately for everyone, producers and filmmakers turned this cute children’s tale into a disgusting horror film, and by looking at some reviews, that was a bad choice. The film received 3.9/10 stars, according to IMDb.

   People were in shock to see one of their favorite children’s stories turned into such a disgusting, creepy horror file. People have also written their own reviews about the movie which was released on Feb. 15.

“Waste of time – A lot of hype over this film, a HORROR version of Winnie the Pooh. The film was a waste of time. Cannot believe they are already talking about a sequel!!! Low budget you can tell Pooh and Piglet are people in masks,” wrote andrewlee-77239 on the IMDb website. “Bad Acting and script. I usually give a film a chance even if it has a bad rating etc but I turned this off as it was that bad. There are many films out there that are terrible but these words cannot say how bad it is. There will be people that will like it and like me people that will hate it. Film had possibility but sadly this is how it turned out. Watch it or don’t your choice it is a full let down.”

   As the review implies, the movie did poorly in the theaters and producers and companies involved need to re-think how they can revamp it so that it can be better. Movies are a big part of  life for a lot of people, and having a movie do poorly in the theaters isn’t really a good sign.