Vogel Is Focused on The Future


MoCo 360

Rep. Joe Vogel

Sophia Cooper, Associate Editor-in-Chief/ News Editor

   Although state Rep. Joe Vogel of Maryland is out of high school, he still finds ways to help combat the issues that today’s teens and children are struggling with and are affected by as well as connect with the younger generation. 

    “I ran for office because I believe this is a once in a generation moment, the challenges that we’re dealing with right now whether it’s the climate crisis, the mental health crisis, our education system, our economy, they’re going to have profound consequences that will really impact us as young people for the rest of our lives,” Vogel said.

   The representative is taking action to make a change. During conversations with young people he has heard things like “what’s happening with mental health in our schools, it is a crisis, what’s happening with substance abuse in our schools, it is a crisis, the threat of the climate crisis knowing that our future is on the line, that is a crisis, and we have to be addressing those crises right now, we just can’t keep waiting,” he added.

  Vogel has introduced bills to the Maryland House of Representatives to deal with the crises that are affecting our schools. Working with other house members, Vogel has been able to work on bills to help with the mental health crisis, the drug crisis and specifically fentanyl and legislation to combat hate crimes.