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Swarming The Hive On Thursday

Anna Polk
Damascus Varsity football running out through the banner to start the game.

Thursday night lights. It does not roll off the tongue as well as Friday night lights. It’s a staple of high school life. The school week is over and everybody is looking forward to the big game signifying the start of the weekend.

Ever since the movie “Friday Night Lights’  came out in 2004, it has been a commonly used term in high schools all around the nation. To have the games on a Thursday just didn’t feel right with some of the students at Damascus High School. 

“That game is on Thursday, why?” said a student. When questioned how many felt about the football game being on a Thursday, some didn’t seem to mind. But others said it threw a knot in their plans.

 “There’s a lot of tests on Friday and a lot of students might be missing class and tests and might not be prepared for them,” Ava Raper said when asked during the game. Some go as far as saying “I’m not going to show up to school tomorrow, I’m going to be too tired.”

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“I’m there for all of the game and then I have to be on time to school Friday the next day,” the Poms captain, Taylor Garrish revealed.

We asked administrator Adam Sultzman his thoughts on the Thursday night game.

“It didn’t change much. You wonder how it might affect attendance tomorrow. But there are still a bunch of people out tonight.” 

Damascus has gone through a division change this year going to 2A, instead of 3A. The Maryland divisions of athletics go. 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A. The school’s division is determined by school population size. 1 being the smallest and 4 being the biggest. Big schools like Montgomery Blair, would be  4A. In contrast, a smaller school like Poolesville High School would be 2A. This means different schools play each other depending on their division. This year on September 14th, Damascus plays Rockville High School.

Is it a big problem for the game to be on a Thursday? The general consensus would be yes according to students. But the reason for the game being on a Thursday is because of a shortage of referees. Montgomery County in all sports has been struggling to find good referees to do the rounds. When asked about how the atmosphere felt on the field from a player’s perspective. Senior Center and Defensive Tackle, Bryan Silva, Stated “I feel like it was the same atmosphere, very energetic. Just like a Friday.” With the final whistle blow, the game ended 27-6 in a Damascus victory. 

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