Rise In Robberies In Damascus


Picture Credits: NBC News

Kimberly Garcia, Staff Writer

For the past few months, thieves have been roaming the streets of Damascus. Thieves are out at night trying to break into cars to steal belongings inside the car or even steal the car itself. 

   Multiple people have reported that their cars have been broken into or stolen. This problem has been going on for months, and the thieves are still at large. 

   Many homes in Damascus are equipped with Ring Video Doorbells, which in addition to recording video and sound, come with an app where the homeowner can see everything outside the house, including everyone who walks by. But most importantly there is a section of the app called “Neighbors” where people can post about different things going on around their neighborhood or anywhere in the vicinity. This “Neighbors” section has been quite active recently in Damascus due to people posting about the problem with car thefts. Although Damascus residents have shared pictures and videos of the thieves, no one has figured out who they are. 

   The people of Damascus are feeling unsafe and worried because few have experienced this type of situation. In the past, people would rarely lock their doors, and now that these thieves are breaking into cars, people are being more cautious. 

When asked whether she knew about these crimes, Damascus resident Etela Reyes expressed concern.  

“Yes, I have [heard about these car thefts]. It’s crazy,” Reyes said. “It makes me feel worried because you wouldn’t want to wake up one day and see that someone has broken into your car.” 

   Residents are doing what they can to protect their property.

“I will keep my car locked at all times, and take out any valuable items,” Reyes said. 

Even though not all residents have experienced this first hand, they are on guard.

“I have not [been robbed,] and as of right now I know some neighbors got a broken window a few days back,” Reyes said. “Although I will be vigilant and make sure all doors are locked and try to put cameras up.” 

Residents expressed concern about these unprecedented events.

“When I heard about these thefts I didn’t know what to think. It’s the first time I heard something like this in Damascus. It is such a quiet and small town, and now many things have been going on,” Reyes added.

Another resident, Edwin Garcia, voiced a similar concern. 

“Yes, I was so surprised when I heard about it,” Garcia said. “Because I never would have thought to hear news like this in Damascus of all places.”

Residents didn’t believe this would ever happen around here. 

“Because Damascus is the quietest town, nothing happens around here ever,” Garcia said “It makes me feel concerned because I have to worry about my car day and night.”

Residents actually experience this and know others that did too. 

“I actually did experience this. Someone tried opening my car door and neighbors. Luckily I locked my car that night. I sometimes forget,” Garcia said.

Residents are also setting up equipment for their own safety of their cars. 

“I already have a ring camera, I recently installed an outdoor light sensor, to see clearly at night,” Garcia said. “And I make sure to lock my doors at all times.” 

When asked about where they heard this news, residents took action immediately. 

“I heard about them on my ring doorbell app,” Garcia said. “Some people around town were posting about it. So I knew what was going on already but I didn’t think it would happen to me.”