Kim Kardashian Makes Her Way Onto Saturday Night Live



Kardashian opens the show with a monologue in a hot pink look.

Emalie Jaramillo, Staff Writer

   Kim Kardashian-West, an American pop culture phenomenon, television personality and entrepreneur hosted Saturday Night Live on Oct. 9, and she had a lot to say.

   When Kardashian-West opened the show she expressed how surprised she was when they asked her to be on the show because she hadn’t had a “movie premiere in a while.” She was still very excited to be on the show to show people that “she’s more than what her sisters show their plastic surgeons.”

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson kiss during a Saturday Night Live sketch. (NBC)

   On this week’s SNL, Kardashian-West played Jasmine alongside Pete Davidson, who showed her a whole new world as Aladdin. The skit was Kardashian-West incorporating her own life into Aladdin’s, a rich girl who has everything perfect and a poor boy who eats bread off the street. As Jasmine, Kardashian-West states “Are you going to kiss me or not?” They conclude the Aladdin skit with Davidson and Kardashian-West kissing. As she played a role in many skits after this, the Aladdin skit seemed to be the highlight of the night.

Kim Kardashian Spoofs ‘The Bachelorette’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Chace Crawford, Jesse Williams, & John Cena – Watch! (NBC)

   The next skit Kardashian-West was in was the “That Dream Guy” skit. As she was picking her guys to stay, she gave them a token. When it came down to the last two it was a tough decision for her. Zeke (Kyle Mooney) is in the final two along with John Cena. She has one token left. When she ended up picking Cena, Zeke said his goodbyes and made his way into the “pit.”

   Another skit that the crowd loved was Kardashian-West switching lives with a cast member who has a “boring life.” All she wanted was for one day to just be normal and boring. Her wish was granted by a magical clock. But it wasn’t all she thought it was, when Kardashian-West switched lives she appeared to be at a desk in a boring office. She hated it so much that she called for her own    life back and struggled to get it. She went all the way to her studio room to fight for that clock back to get her life back. She was so relieved and never wanted to live a boring life again.

Kim Kardashian switches lives with Aidy Bryant in hilarious SNL sketch | Daily Mail Online
Kim Kardashian switches lives with Aidy Bryant in hilarious SNL sketch | Daily Mail Online. (NBC)

 Even though Kardasian isn’t an actress, her overall performance was well received.