NBA Conference Finals Update


The Golden State Warriors did it again!

Emalie Jaramillo and Bryan Bassi

   Currently the Golden State Warriors are up in the series 3-0 versus the Dallas Mavericks. We think the Warriors are truly an amazing team. Their skill sets are very well balanced. 

   The Warriors have Stephen Curry who in our opinion, is one of the greatest shooters of all time. There’s really no other comparison to Curry who is able to do anything on the court, including shooting the three-point shot. The Warriors have another great shooter, Olay Thompson, who recently came back in December from an ACL injury. Olay has been out for 2 years. The Warriors have other athletes who contribute to the team like Jordan Poole who is the most improved player on the Warriors, Kevin Looney and Andrews Wiggins who can get points whenever needed. 

   Now, the Warriors are going up against a tough team that’s really come far in the playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs have Luca Donicic, Spencer Dinwiddie, Dwight Powell, Reggie Bullock and many other great athletes. These two teams faced off and have already played 3 games during the regular season. Right now, if the Warriors win one more game they will win the NBA Conference Finals. They lead the series 3-0 currently. 

   The Warriors have been in this position before, and also went to the finals during the 2016 and 2017 basketball seasons. Making it this far is nothing new to them. Last time the Mavs went to the finals was in 2011. It’s been quite some time.

   Personally, we are rooting for Golden State because we see that there is potential in each and every player. The Mavs are also a great scoring team. There are many diverse players that are willing and able to make a play.