Hitting The Hornets’ Nest


Emma Baldridge

The Varsity volleyball team discusses the last possession during their match against Blake.

Chase Carty, Staff Writer

Our Girls Volleyball teams both acquired their first win of the season in a sweep against Blake high school at home Tuesday night. This win brings their record to 1-3 following three tough losses against some of the top volleyball programs in the county in Clarksburg, Wootton and Churchill.

The Buzz managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Elana Brooks, Sophomore and starting middle blocker for the varsity team. Tuesday night was her first win as a varsity starter.

“…I’m pretty happy that I got to play a lot and start [in yesterday’s] game, [although] I feel like I could have played better,” Brooks said.

The leader in touches spoke more on the team’s performance rather than her own when asked if last night’s win was “relieving” after the rocky start to their season.

“Yes, [relieving] is exactly the word I was looking for, and it captures exactly how we felt,” Brooks added.

Even though the Hornets had an admirable all-around performance, Brooks claimed that their serving was the strongest aspect of their game. They only had four serving errors collectively as a team, in comparison to their 13 aces, which is the most of any game this season so far.

Afterwards, the girls huddled together and analyzed their performance.

“…[Coach] congratulated us, but said we can always do better… Everyone was content with how the game went, and we all agreed that there could’ve been a larger point gap,” Brooks elaborated.

Dozens of students went to see the Hornets prevail live in The Hive to show their support. You can catch the next home game on Sept. 27– JV at 5:30 and Varsity at 6:30.