Wisdom Teeth Removal Tips!

South Gables Dental

South Gables Dental

Hanna Haddad, Staff Writer

     The majority of people have their wisdom teeth removed at 17 or 18. For some people it may be easy while for others…not so much.

   The doctors will sometimes give a patient anesthesia specifically intravenous anesthesia so they won’t feel any pain during the removal process. “Intravenous Anesthesia” basically allows a patient to fall asleep, but also numbs them so that they won’t feel any pain during the removal process.

   Here are some tips so that you can stay strong and not fear the horrific process which is the removal of your wisdom teeth.

     Don’t worry a great deal about it, as this can cause anxiety and distress. When a person gets anxious and worried, sometimes they will get scared and move around in the chair a lot which can result in blood flowing through the mouth and will cause pain.

   When getting their wisdom teeth removed a person should make sure (before their appointment) to take deep breaths and tell themselves: “I can do this, don’t be afraid!”  That way, they will build up the confidence inside themselves and won’t be afraid during the process.

    Remember, do not eat any food starting from midnight before to the appointment the next morning. Doing so can mess up your teeth and can make the removal process rougher for the dentist.

   After the wisdom teeth are removed, you can eat soft foods after 4-5 hours after your surgery has progressed. Just make sure to avoid any foods that might hurt the wound. This may include hot foods, spicy foods, crunchy foods, etc. Eating these types of foods will hurt the healing process and possibly burst the holes from where your wisdom teeth used to be. When this happens, you may need to go back to the hospital to get that fixed as well, so be careful with what you eat.

   Try to keep your head elevated, according to “Billings Oral Surgery”. Using a pillow when you lie down on the couch when you get home from the hospital would be the general good idea so that you can sleep when the pain goes away.

  Following these tips will help to get through a wisdom teeth removal procedure in no time.