Mask-Vaccine Mandates Change For Many States


NBC New York

States throughout the U.S. continue to change Covid testing and mask mandates.

Kimberly Garcia, Staff Writer

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul lifted the statewide mask-vaccine requirement for indoor buildings after months of strictly requiring proof of vaccination and requiring masks be worn indoors, but not for schools.

“Given the declining cases, given the declining hospitalizations, that is why we feel comfortable to lift this in effect tomorrow,” Gov. Hochul said on Feb. 9.

New York Mayor Eric Adams added that “private businesses can choose whether to require a mask.”

Omicron caused an increase in Covid cases, which made governors bring back mask requirements indoors and proof of vaccination. Now states are noticing a decrease in Covid cases, causing governors to lift the mandates except for schools.

New York’s Gov. Hochul also met with parents, teachers and superintendents to thank them for doing their best to keep schools open and safe. Hochul also discussed how to continue in the classroom teaching safely and “smartly.”

New York’s changing mandates caused other states along the east coast to do the same. New Jersey and Delaware said the mandates will be lifted in their states. Massachusetts announced that their school mask mandate would be lifted on Feb. 28.

“We’ve learned a lot about how safe schools are and how to keep kids in class learning over course of this pandemic,” Gov. Charlie Baker from Massachusetts said.

Oregon announced that on Mar. 31 the indoor mask mandate would be lifted and so would school mask mandates according to CNN affiliate KATU-TV.

California no longer required masks indoors starting Feb. 15, although those that aren’t vaccinated have been required to wear masks indoors.