Bound 2 Fall


Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, answers questions from the press at an event in New York last month.

Nick Weaver, Staff Writer

   Ye, previously known as “Kanye West” recent gained publicity and raised eyebrows around the world of social media. He is notorious for his stunts and bold print speech but his recent “antics” have caused controversy. From interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in front of millions to controversial statements about the Kardashians, calling out fellow celebrities or just speaking his blooming mind, he’s nothing short of vocal. But has he gone too far?

   Ye recently wore a white shirt with black bold print stating “White Lives Matter” at his daughter North’s basketball game and once again in a fashion show in Paris. He also spoke out on Twitter and Instagram stating that the Black Lives Matter movement “was a scam.” His Instagram post was hammered with posting restrictions. The mogul spoke on the subject in an interview with Tucker Carlson, but the rationale he offered for his actions aren’t clear and the interview didn’t gain much traction. 

   Many believe that Kanye may be relaying the common philosophy that any attention is good attention, but has he gone too far? Vanessa Friedman from the New York Times says it was “a shot of shock and provocation that overshadowed the clothes on the runway.” Many have labeled him as shadowing a “god complex” and “above all else” following his recent actions.