Activity Guide to a Wonderful Winter


Madeline Singer, Editor-In-Chief

Looking for a way to spice up your winter break? Look below!

  1. Drive in movie: Drive in theaters are a super fun way to see a movie that you can see from the comfort of your own car, and keep warm while snacking on popcorn! Whether it’s a local theater or a road trip away, this experience will be extremely memorable!
  2. Ice skating: During the holiday season, outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks start popping up – even in places that don’t have any snow! Go to the Rockville outdoor ice rink, put on a pair of blades and glide (hopefully gracefully) around! Don’t forget a cup of hot chocolate afterwards! 
  3. Light show: Fill your thermos with hot chocolate, load up the car with your family, and give your eyes a special treat by driving through the neighborhoods in search of the best light display! If you really want to see even more, visit the Great Seneca light show, Brookside Gardens, or the Smithsonian National Zoo in D.C. where there are thousands of light designs and a whole bunch of fun (not to mention the adorable animals at the zoo)!
  4. Bonfire night: Who doesn’t love sitting next to a warm fire pit when it’s cold outside? Call your friends and gather your family for an exciting outdoor bonfire experience, at home or at Butler’s Orchard. You can sit around the flames, tell ghost stories, and enjoy your favorite food at the same time. For an extra bucket list worthy experience, you can take an outdoor camping trip at the same time, and enjoy a starry night.
  5. Movie/Show marathon: How about getting in your comfy jammies, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and spending a relaxing time binge-watching your favorite TV series? This is an easy way to spend time together with your family or friends – or have some me-time. From comedy to suspense, Netflix or Amazon Prime has everything to offer so you can have fun watching back-to-back episodes!
  6. Go sledding: Who doesn’t love sledding down the mountain? It’s one of those winter activities that’s fun for the whole family. Find a snowy hill (or ski resort who offers other exciting activities) and take a fun ride down!
  7. Bake cookies: Decorating cookies is the perfect thing to do on a cold winter evening. Follow your favorite cookie recipe (or a new one for fun) and use any cookie cutter shape you desire! The best part of this is that you can eat the outcome of your activity!
  8. Build a gingerbread house: There’s nothing that screams “holiday season” like a house filled with the smell of gingerbread and a table ready for construction! Either follow a recipe or build your own gingerbread house with a premade kit.