Valentine’s Day: Appealing or Outdated?


Is Valentine’s Day a thing of the past?

Selali Obobi, Staff Writer

    Do women still care about Valentine’s Day anymore or will this year be different? As Valentine’s Day approaches, the question of whether women view the holiday the same as they have in the past comes up. Do women still like the flowers, the chocolate and the presents? The romantic dates and being asked to be someone’s Valentine? The works? Let’s find out. 

   “I think it’s a nice and beautiful holiday. I like being showered with roses and chocolates. Always a nice time of year, especially when you’re asked to be someone’s Valentine,” senior Adji Keinde, said. 

   Women do typically like Valentine’s Day. Love it in fact. That is when they are the main focus of another person’s attention. When it comes to the presents, like flowers, chocolates and other things, it’s less about the gift itself and more about the gesture. A lot of women don’t like these sorts of things, but the fact that someone was considerate enough to buy them something is really sweet, especially if one of your love languages is gift giving. For our single friends, spending time with friends or family or even by yourself can always be a time to celebrate and share the love around. Even if that love is personal self care! That goes for everyone! We are our own loves before anyone else’s.

   The next question is, how do men feel about the holiday? Are gifts given on Valentine’s day genuine or do guys feel obligated to get their significant others gifts? A lot of men don’t enjoy the holiday because of all the pressure and expectations they feel. Many fear that they will get in trouble with their SOs if they don’t get the right gift and make it a special day. But that doesn’t have to be the norm anymore. 

   Women often are the receivers of Valentine’s Day gifts, but maybe it’s time to switch up the narrative. The norm for centuries has been getting gifts from our significant others, but maybe it’s time to try something new. For many people gift giving is a love language, and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase that. After all, Valentine’s Day isn’t a gendered holiday. The meaning of it is to celebrate with those who love you, just like when your parents give you V-Day presents. 

   So, do women still find fun and enjoyment on Valentine’s Day? Absolutely! Here are some items you might want to check out this season to charm that man, woman or special person this year. 

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  2. “My Sweet Valentine” Gift Basket – It’s time to show your Valentine how much they mean to you! This basket contains a teddy bear,  surrounded with cookies, truffles, cookies and more. It is premade and not too expensive, but will leave a forever lasting memory.
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