Hornets Head to States Since 74 Year Hiatus


Brady Reese

The Hornets take down the Frederick Cadets and head to the state championship for the first time in 74 years.

Brady Reese, Staff Writer

    In a heavily anticipated matchup between your Hornets and the Frederick Cadets, both teams played an amazing game throughout the entire contest. The first quarter was a bit rough for the Hornets with the Cadets getting an early lead with a score of 14-8.

   After a scary fall, senior Joey Lutz had to come out of the game for a couple minutes to get cleaned up. Junior Menelik Berhanu-Mcbride stepped up and filled the role while Lutz was out. Menelik hit a key three to inch the game closer and closer into the half and giving the Hornets momentum. A couple of Hornets hit a few quick buckets to allow the us to go up by 2 points heading into the half.

   It seemed as if during halftime we changed up the game plan because the team started to catch fire as the third quarter began with Lutz hitting a three to put the Hornets up by 5. As the third quarter wound down, we took a 42-34 point lead.

   In the tight ball game with the Hornets up 40-47, senior Peter Mangan hit a three-pointer to allow us to go up by 10 points. The Cadets scored a couple of points, bringing the score to 44-50 and we maintained the lead. With 55 seconds left in the ball game, Frederick had the ball and inched closer with a three to make the score 47-50 Hornets. We took the ball up the court and turned it back over with an unfortunate backcourt violation.

   With little time left, the Cadets were forced to foul Mangan and he stepped up to the line hoping to make the free throws and make it a 4-point ball game. Mangan knocked down the first one, but missed the next shot. Frederick was fouled with 10 seconds left,but they missed the free throws and we had the ball. Hoping to seal the deal, Lutz was fouled and knocked down both shots. With the score at 53-47 and 7.6 seconds left, Frederick needed a quick three and a timeout. Frederick’s #2 Elwyne Wordlaw Jr. made a 3-point field goal, making the score Frederick 50, Damascus 53.

  Fortunately for us, time expired and the Swarmin’ Hornets punched their ticket to the 3A state championship game at the University of Maryland tonight at 8 p.m., where they will play against City College.