Lax Prevails Through Hardships


The Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team celebrates after winning the Guck Cup Spring Break Championship. Photo by Emalie Jaramillo

Emalie Jaramillo, Entertainment Editor and Staff Writer

   The boys’ lacrosse team’s record is seven and six for the 2023 spring season. The most challenging thing this season for the boys was injuries considering the team was already small. There are only five seniors on the team this year. The underclassmen have really stepped up and done their best to gain their wins. 

   “Being injured is frustrating because it has been annoying having to sit out and watch,” junior and captain Aidan Brant, midfielder who is currently injured stated. “But, I’ve been making sure to stay positive and cheering my teammates on during games on the sidelines or even just at practice and still having fun with them. Brant has been on varsity for two years. Hopefully he will be better by the playoffs! 

   Senior defender and captain Joe Gruner offered his perspective.

   “It is difficult playing with a smaller team for sure. When I think of a smaller team I think of the small amount of subs we have. I have adapted to prioritize rest and recovery to prevent any sort of injury in order for the team not to become any smaller,” Gruner said. “With that said I feel like I echo the idea to my teammates not to push their limits or play through injuries but to rest so that they can get back to playing asap.”

The boys have managed to see the bright side of the issue, though.

   “It is definitely frustrating having a ton of injuries because we haven’t been able to play at our full potential without some of our key players,” Gruner said. “On the bright side, the injuries have created opportunities for some of the young guys to get experience, which is important for years to come.” 

   Head coach and photography teacher Robert Hokanson has done a great job working around all the injured players and even the starters. Hokanson has been coaching for a total of 15 years and at DHS for two years.

   “All you can do with injuries is trying to prepare everyone equally so that when the time comes for the next man on the depth chart to step up,” Hokanson said. “We just have [to hope] that we’ve given him enough reps and practice to be prepared to do their best.”

   Hokanson is already looking forward to next year’s team. 

   “My favorite part about this season is what a great group of guys we have on the team. The character is top notch and they’re a pleasure to coach,” the Coach said. “Even though the team holds a lot of upperclassmen, they are very talented. We have a lot of underclassmen that start on our team and next season I’m excited to see what we can do with one more year of experience, growth, and development on their side.”