Love on Tour Makes Way to Washington D.C.

Madeline Singer, Editor-In-Chief

Capital One Arena was packed with thousands of masked and vaccinated fans as Harry Styles rose from beneath the stage to perform “Love on Tour” on Sept. 18, 2021, more than a year later than its original date. As his opening performer, Jenny Lewis, exited the stage, the best dressed fans awaited the former One Direction member’s arrival. 

As Styles appears on stage, he acknowledged the hardships and difficulties of this past year. He expressed how grateful was to be able to get back on stage and see his thousands of fans having the time of their lives. After moments of seriousness, Styles promised the crowd to give them the best show he could, and encouraged fans to have as much fun as they could. The show opened with “Golden,” a high-energy summer single designed to hype up the crowd. It worked. As an opener, this song choice set the tone for the rest of the show. As shown perfectly in the music video, “Golden” is a drive with the windows down on a hot summer night; it’s dizzy and energetic and makes the fans go crazy.

Styles cheerfully danced around the stage ensuring every fan got a chance to see him regardless of where they were sitting. He smiled at his fans and reminded them “at some point you will have my face.” The crowd went wild. “At some point you’ll have my a**!” With youthful energy, he gave attention to fans throughout the arena as he sang his top hits such as “Sign of the Times,” “Watermelon Sugar,” “Adore You,” and “Falling.”

Styles had no shortage of energy on stage, as there was a connection between him and the audience that kept each other going for the hours that followed. While it may have been quite a delay for many to see their favorite British pop singer live in concert, most would agree he was well worth the wait.