From Heisman Winning Star To Free Agent


NFL Quarterback Cam Newton, who was released by the Patriots one week before the season started, is still a free agent.

Matthew Mills, Staff Writter

   The New England Patriots cut Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Cam Newton on Aug 31 citing a decline in his skills. The Patriots drafted rookie quarterback Mac Jones before the season started to replace Newton.

   When Jones was drafted he was given little to no time before the season started to play on another team. Newton had a 65.5 percent completion percentage, eight touchdowns, and 10 interceptions in the regular season. He didn’t play the whole regular season but the Patriots could definitely see a decline in his quarterback skills from previous seasons. 

   Newton is also unvaccinated for COVID and many believe that this is the main cause for him getting cut from the team this is untrue. When the Patriots were asked in an interview by ESPN whether Newton’s vaccination status had a role in the decision, head coach Bill Belichick responded with, “no”. Since being released by the Patriots Newton has become a free agent, and He has yet to be picked up by a team. In another interview with Belichick from ESPN News, Belichick added. “Your implication that vaccination solves every problem… has not been substantiated. The number of players and coaches and staff members who have been infected with COVID after being vaccinated is a pretty high number. I would lose sight of that.” 

   After a while of not being on a team, newton had hope when the Dallas Cowboys started to look into Cam. In a video, on the official ESPN website, Dan Orlovsky says that the “Cowboys calling Newton is a no-brainer”. On the other hand, the sports talk show  Speak for yourself. They talk about how passing on Newton would be a smart decision. The Cowboys ultimately decide against signing Newton. His future is uncertain as the season is nearly half over and he is still without a team. A recent video on ESPN, reveals that he is vaccinated and he intends to still play for the NFL.