Supply Shortages Due to COVID

Kimberly Garcia, Staff Writer

   All throughout the globe, there have been chain of supply shortages due to COVID-19 and other virus mutations. From food and materials to car parts needed for repairs, everything seems to be on backorder. Some of the industries that have had supply shortages were able to recover quickly, while others are still in limbo. At the beginning of the pandemic, all grocery stores were having a shortage of toilet paper. Now, there seems to be a shortage of all types of products, and it’s escalating in severity. 

   One reason for the shortages can be traced to shipping problems. Some shipment containers were being delayed, lost or shipped to the wrong location. These shipment containers are packed full with fruits, appliances, gadgets and many other items that everyone needs right away. Many companies have apologized to their customers via social media because of the shortages. All types of companies are understaffed and low on supplies, forcing store hours to change. The shortages also have caused many businesses to temporarily shut down. Adding to the shortage troubles is a reduced labor force. Many retail employees have had to call out sick due to COVID, which caused retail companies to be understaffed. For example, Starbucks, Chipotle and Nike have had to close some of their stores for some time because there just weren’t enough employees to keep the businesses open. Some employees are overworked when other employees call out sick. Macy’s has cut store hours all across the country for the rest of the month. Walmart also had to shut down 60 stores in December in COVID hot spots.

The data table above shows the industries affected by supply chain problems.