Trouble With Andrew Tate


AP- screengrab from channel 1

Andrew Tate is escorted to jail by Romanian authorities.

Nick Weaver, Staff Writer

    Tate, The Top G, misogynist, internet bully, human trafficker. Whatever you may call him or think of him, you’ve probably seen his name while browsing the internet. Taking the internet into his own hands, Andrew Tate is an internet “influencer” and tells tales of his crazy past and his upbringings. Along with this, major boasting of his large sums of money, cars, girls and private yachts attracts the attention of his mostly younger, male audience.

   Tate began as a kick boxer and made money through his many entrepreneurial successes. But with all this success, some negative attention has come, right? Tate, while preaching his “morals” and opinions on some controversial topics like abortion and women’s rights comes with some negative results. Many claim that Tate has a sinister background and claims of homophobia and misogyny are quite common. In 2022 for over a month, Tate was the most searched term and person on multiple search engines. News articles all over the world were published regarding Tate and multiple night and talk shows even hosted him.

   With all of Tate’s fame came major attention, and one recent incident brought him to an even higher surface of the internet. On Dec. 29 2022, Tate, his brother Tristan and two other female individuals were detained by Romanian authorities for 24 hours. 

   The Tate brothers are potentially facing years in prison and charges remain for human trafficking and rape. Romanian authorities raided the Tate household seizing $4 million worth of household items and seized 11 cars including a Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and a Lamborghini.

   Andrew Tate also took a shot at Greta Thunberg, an Environmental Activist by purposely not recycling his pizza boxes and tagging her in a post. She responded with a quick Tweet that backfired, gaining 3.9 million likes and becoming one of the most liked posts on Twitter. 

   With Andrew Tate being banned on almost all social media platforms, with a multitude of controversy and recent acts of “violence” and the recent arrest, what’s next?