College Craziness


College admissions get more cutthroat as the number of applicants reaches a record high.

Sierra Lynch, Staff Writer

    Like many current high school seniors, I felt personally victimized by what colleges are calling the most competitive college application season yet. 

    I applied to six schools: the University of Maryland, the University of Delaware, the University of Vermont, the University of Michigan, Syracuse University and Johns Hopkins University. Many of these are highly competitive, but with a 4.7-weighted GPA and nine AP classes under my belt, I was confident that this process would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong.

    I was accepted to Maryland, Delaware and Vermont, all schools that I was fairly confident I’d get into. I was waitlisted to Syracuse and Michigan and flat-out rejected from Johns Hopkins. With my top three choices off the table, I was crushed. I wouldn’t hear back from Syracuse and Michigan until after the May 1st deadline for a commitment to other schools, so it was time to make a different decision. This involved a lot of tears, thinking that all my hard work had amounted to nothing. To make things worse, there was pressure from my parents to follow my sister to Delaware. 

    The University of Maryland was never my dream. I’ve always wanted to get out of Maryland, but in-state tuition was incredibly tempting. I also disliked the campus. I couldn’t picture myself spending all my time there. I liked the University of Delaware when I toured and attended admitted students day, but the incoming students I met at these events didn’t seem like “my crowd.” Their programs are amazing for the cost and I’d still be close to home, but I wasn’t convinced that I could easily make friends. 

    Over spring break I decided to revisit the University of Vermont. I had toured in November, but I overlooked it because I was so set on going to Hopkins or Michigan at that point. The smaller undergraduate population was more appealing to me and I’d certainly be far away from Maryland. I also appreciated that they had a major specific to Molecular Genetics, which is more catered to my interests than the general biology programs at other universities. Attending UVM would also allow me to meet people with more diverse backgrounds since most students come from out of state. The campus is beautiful and Vermont has so many fun activities for all seasons. On April 4th I decided that I’d go to UVM and I’m still content with my decision. I’ve even found a roommate (from Texas!), who has quickly become one of my best friends.

    Despite many stressful nights crying over my future, I have faith that everything will work out for me in the fall. The truth is, you will find your place. There are great people and programs everywhere and your experience will be whatever you make of it. No decision you make at this age is permanent and transferring is always an option!